Ride On

I was in Germany recently, where I used to live, and took out my old bike and cycled every day I was there. I’d forgotten what a joyful thing it was to do. I forgot my cares cycling about the countryside looking at the fields of rapeseed, the farmers mowing with gigantic machines and animals that took time out from their chomping to approach me, things I only glimpse from a car. I was taking in all that fresh air too; the weather was superb.

I was in Germany for my check up and thankfully “all was well.” As a way to celebrate that when I came back to Ireland I bought, through word of mouth, a second-hand bike which looks as good as new from a lovely couple whose daughter no longer used it. Since then I have been cycling around the countryside here. I am building my physical strength by setting myself little cycling challenges every day. Cycling is such a simple, joyful thing to do and though it’s been around for ages I feel like I’ve discovered something new. Ride On.

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